Elves vs. Dwarves maps

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Id Time since update Players Total Might Average Might
Gandalf1 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 69344 1,875.94bn 27,052k
Bilbo2 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 44874 1,230.04bn 27,411k
Vastriel117 (Russian) 08h 19843 89,695.96bn 4,520,282k
128 1d 05h 3290 2,039,277.99bn 619,841,335k
138 11h 4206 2,399,203.46bn 570,424,028k
140 11h 3525 2,046,653.45bn 580,610,908k
141 10h 2987 885,606.7bn 296,487,012k
142 1d 08h 3076 1,816,193.43bn 590,439,997k
Bifur154 (Deutsch) 1d 02h 40564 213,684.22bn 5,267,829k
Vastriel157 (English) 06h 55077 205,920.55bn 3,738,775k
Radagast163 (Russian) 1d 00h 31058 143,564.88bn 4,622,476k
Saruman164 (Russian) 1d 02h 125480 146,107.25bn 1,164,386k
Garion167 (English) 14h 42214 173,293.68bn 4,105,123k
Fili170 (English) 1d 03h 111642 127,122.25bn 1,138,659k
Serech172 (Russian) 01h 72070 215,142.31bn 2,985,185k
Helcaracse174 (English) 15h 44098 132,498.26bn 3,004,632k
Eldamar178 (English) 15h 87105 141.14bn 1,620k
Hildorien179 (English) 16h 83164 113.35bn 1,363k
EvD199 (English) 15h 19725 82.3bn 4,172k
Gloin208 (Br.Portuguese) 15h 8525 252,115.39bn 29,573,652k
209 12h 3432 1,688,543.46bn 491,999,844k
210 12h 3887 4,999,027.99bn 1,286,089,013k
216 09h 3968 1,813,426.67bn 457,012,770k
EvD217 (English) 03h 3714 3,200,038bn 861,614,971k
218 15h 4698 2,627,712.67bn 559,325,815k
219 13h 4459 2,294,646.67bn 514,610,154k
220 10h 4082 2,887,618.06bn 707,402,758k
EvD226 (English) 15h 3173 824,655.5bn 259,897,731k
227 08h 3568 1,489,389.86bn 417,429,894k
228 14h 3683 3,379,797.49bn 917,675,127k
229 13h 2523 1,621,234.83bn 642,582,176k
230 14h 3031 3,699,375bn 1,220,513,033k
Bifur234 (Russian) 1d 01h 10803 364,507.89bn 33,741,358k
Gandalf261 (Russian) 02h 13635 280,978.09bn 20,607,120k
266 19h 1561 244,290.38bn 156,496,083k
EvD269 (English) 1d 01h 3708 329,989.36bn 88,993,895k
270 15h 4739 2,083,753.24bn 439,703,153k
271 09h 3733 3,080,142.96bn 825,111,963k
272 03h 3997 2,331,103.01bn 583,213,163k
273 14h 4247 2,132,674.87bn 502,160,319k
274 15h 3824 1,858,948.99bn 486,126,829k
275 15h 5466 1,042,927.45bn 190,802,681k
Classic2 (English) 15h 22281 37.1bn 1,665k
Classic1 (English) 16h 44687 53.63bn 1,200k
Radagast3 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 46365 1,120.84bn 24,174k
Saruman4 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 45480 1,247.67bn 27,433k
Eladriel5 (English) 4yrs 1m 23d 47214 1,421.99bn 30,118k
Bofur6 (Français) 4yrs 2m 4d 59832 2,256.04bn 37,706k
Garion7 (Italiano) 4yrs 2m 4d 40304 2,354.23bn 58,411k
Gloin8 (Deutsch) 4yrs 2m 4d 57869 2,629.83bn 45,444k
Lindor9 (Español) 4yrs 2m 4d 51270 3,176.87bn 61,963k
Fili10 (Br. Portuguese) 4yrs 2m 4d 38817 1,634.92bn 42,118k
Avallone11 (English) 4yrs 1m 23d 48539 1,705.31bn 35,132k
Serech12 (English) 4yrs 0m 22d 45458 1,278.37bn 28,122k
Formenos13 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 48797 1,606.63bn 32,924k
Helcaracse14 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 48865 1,728.42bn 35,371k
Avathar15 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 48990 1,518.39bn 30,993k
Cuivienen16 (Français) 4yrs 2m 4d 53695 2,941.78bn 54,786k
Ilmarin17 (Italiano) 4yrs 2m 4d 36864 2,030.38bn 55,077k
Eldamar18 (Deutsch) 4yrs 2m 4d 56928 2,906.25bn 51,051k
Hildorien19 (Español) 4yrs 2m 4d 46861 2,545.32bn 54,316k
Utumno20 (Br. Portuguese) 4yrs 2m 4d 37126 1,101.22bn 29,661k
Gandalf21 (Deutsch) 4yrs 2m 4d 54074 3,207.75bn 59,321k
Bilbo22 (Español) 4yrs 2m 4d 44041 1,626.06bn 36,921k
Radagast23 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 47942 1,775.81bn 37,040k
Saruman24 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 43633 1,528.38bn 35,028k
Eladriel25 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 44879 1,240.07bn 27,631k
Bofur26 (Deutsch) 4yrs 2m 4d 54458 2,333.61bn 42,851k
Garion27 (Español) 4yrs 2m 4d 87099 1,845.5bn 21,188k
Gloin28 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 44980 1,702.71bn 37,854k
Lindor29 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 45456 1,171.13bn 25,764k
Fili30 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 49117 1,401.31bn 28,530k
Tinol31 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 46941 1,317.3bn 28,063k
Dwalin32 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 43997 1,497.89bn 34,045k
Amara33 (Français) 4yrs 2m 4d 54063 2,030.96bn 37,566k
Bifur34 (Italiano) 4yrs 2m 4d 32364 2,099.83bn 64,881k
Legolas35 (Deutsch) 4yrs 2m 4d 55616 2,571.89bn 46,243k
Oin36 (Español) 4yrs 2m 4d 44835 2,880.77bn 64,252k
Vastriel37 (Br.Portuguese) 4yrs 2m 4d 32950 1,893.26bn 57,458k
Thorin38 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 43759 1,684.98bn 38,506k
Elrond39 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 46747 1,155.91bn 24,726k
Bombur40 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 46019 1,551.98bn 33,724k
Gandalf41 (English) 4yrs 2m 3d 42714 1,153.43bn 27,003k
Bilbo42 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 45019 1,237.25bn 27,483k
Radagast43 (Deutsch) 4yrs 2m 4d 51227 2,009.41bn 39,225k
Saruman44 (Français) 4yrs 2m 4d 46722 2,116.07bn 45,290k
Eladriel45 (Deutsch) 4yrs 2m 4d 48942 2,321.96bn 47,443k
Bofur46 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 48987 1,250.85bn 25,534k
Garion47 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 44791 1,406.52bn 31,401k
Gloin48 (English) 4yrs 0m 19d 45763 1,451.55bn 31,718k
Lindor49 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 41991 1,327.58bn 31,615k
Fili50 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 42415 1,410.8bn 33,261k
Tinol51 (Russian) 4yrs 2m 4d 47828 1,846.72bn 38,611k
Dwalin52 (Deutsch) 4yrs 2m 4d 49628 2,570.01bn 51,785k
Amara53 (Français) 4yrs 2m 4d 46429 2,304.98bn 49,645k
Bifur54 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 44078 1,545.59bn 35,065k
Legolas55 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 49464 2,313.1bn 46,763k
Oin56 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 43584 1,431.78bn 32,851k
Vastriel57 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 46257 1,467.51bn 31,725k
Thorin58 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 43777 1,735.71bn 39,649k
Elrond59 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 44153 1,802.09bn 40,814k
Bombur60 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 42111 2,807.42bn 66,667k
Gandalf61 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 43424 2,097.16bn 48,295k
Bilbo62 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 42288 1,447.57bn 34,231k
Radagast63 (English) 4yrs 0m 14d 60822 1,624.54bn 26,709k
Saruman64 (English) 4yrs 2m 4d 42468 1,359.87bn 32,021k
Eladriel65 (Français) 4yrs 2m 4d 45590 2,349.9bn 51,544k
Bofur66 (Deutsch) 4yrs 2m 4d 53305 2,444.93bn 45,866k
Garion67 (Russian) 4yrs 2m 4d 47061 1,685.45bn 35,814k
Gloin68 (Italiano) 4yrs 2m 4d 26766 2,937.89bn 109,762k
Lindor69 (Español) 4yrs 2m 4d 34700 2,582.3bn 74,418k
Fili70 (Br.Portuguese) 1yrs 3m 2d 48343 220,035.33bn 4,551,544k
Tinol71 (English) 4yrs 1m 25d 43673 2,411.01bn 55,206k
Dwalin72 (English) 4yrs 1m 25d 42383 1,480.03bn 34,920k
Amara73 (English) 4yrs 1m 25d 42474 2,205.62bn 51,928k
Bifur74 (English) 4yrs 1m 25d 42780 2,027.21bn 47,386k
간달프1 (한국어) 4yrs 0m 10d 37950 107.39bn 2,829k
사루만2 (한국어) 4yrs 0m 11d 33143 83.52bn 2,520k
빌보3 (한국어) 4yrs 0m 11d 20720 66.48bn 3,208k
소린4 (한국어) 4yrs 0m 11d 32355 106.78bn 3,300k
Bombur80 (English) 4yrs 0m 16d 49896 2,058.64bn 41,258k
Gandalf81 (English) 4yrs 1m 25d 57105 2,788.64bn 48,833k
Bilbo82 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 53753 2,029.3bn 37,752k
Radagast83 (English) 4yrs 1m 25d 43506 2,212.69bn 50,859k
Saruman84 (English) 4yrs 1m 25d 47293 2,462.29bn 52,064k
甘道夫1 (繁体中文) 1yrs 3m 1d 47800 90,740.29bn 1,898,332k
甘道夫2 (简体中文) 4yrs 1m 13d 41601 661.32bn 15,896k
Garion87 (Turkish) 1yrs 3m 1d 36701 312,563.66bn 8,516,489k
Gloin88 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 40114 2,122.06bn 52,900k
萨鲁曼3 (简体中文) 4yrs 1m 26d 29251 1,184.09bn 40,480k
比尔博4 (简体中文) 4yrs 1m 26d 41163 951bn 23,103k
Tinol91 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 39259 2,179.38bn 55,513k
Dwalin92 (Russian) 4yrs 1m 25d 45146 3,043.53bn 67,415k
Amara93 (Français) 4yrs 1m 26d 43580 2,461.81bn 56,489k
Bifur94 (Deutsch) 4yrs 1m 26d 46758 3,582.49bn 76,617k
Legolas95 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 37975 1,991.7bn 52,447k
Oin96 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 36501 1,961.55bn 53,739k
Vastriel97 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 32578 1,529.02bn 46,934k
Thorin98 (English) 4yrs 1m 25d 39037 1,358.76bn 34,807k
Elrond99 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 37388 1,812.68bn 48,483k
Bombur100 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 39592 2,443.61bn 61,719k
Gandalf101 (Russian) 4yrs 1m 25d 37389 1,833.89bn 49,048k
Bilbo102 (Russian) 4yrs 1m 26d 31127 1,512.79bn 48,600k
Radagast103 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 36576 1,756.69bn 48,028k
Saruman104 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 30705 1,897.04bn 61,782k
Eladriel105 (English) 4yrs 0m 11d 119602 1,981.33bn 16,566k
Bofur106 (English) 4yrs 0m 15d 119412 1,965.78bn 16,462k
Garion107 (English) 4yrs 1m 25d 120839 1,666.21bn 13,788k
Gloin108 (Turkish) 1yrs 5m 25d 26241 169,406.89bn 6,455,809k
Lindor109 (English) 4yrs 0m 19d 112120 1,572.62bn 14,026k
Fili110 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 113252 1,572.42bn 13,884k
Tinol111 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 89094 2,348.05bn 26,354k
Dwalin112 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 113373 1,823.71bn 16,085k
Amara113 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 113862 1,668.24bn 14,651k
Bifur114 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 105607 1,895.04bn 17,944k
Legolas115 (English) 4yrs 1m 26d 32339 1,737.76bn 53,735k
Oin116 (Russian) 4yrs 1m 25d 27451 1,122.18bn 40,879k
Thorin118 (Russian) 1yrs 3m 1d 51299 82,954.65bn 1,617,081k
Elrond119 (English) 4yrs 1m 12d 129543 1,595.63bn 12,317k
Bombur120 (Deutsch) 1yrs 3m 1d 69822 157,707.11bn 2,258,702k
Gandalf121 (Español) 1yrs 3m 2d 25404 129,608.95bn 5,101,911k
Bilbo122 (Français) 1yrs 3m 2d 55645 165,540.97bn 2,974,947k
Radagast123 (Italiano) 1yrs 3m 2d 108512 169,108.33bn 1,558,429k
Saruman124 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 28980 118,253.4bn 4,080,517k
Eladriel125 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 28102 168,956.56bn 6,012,261k
Bofur126 (English) 1yrs 5m 26d 30061 608,627.25bn 20,246,407k
Garion127 (Français) 1yrs 3m 2d 94653 128,848.72bn 1,361,274k
Linor129 (Turkish) 1yrs 5m 25d 14977 55,261.68bn 3,689,769k
Fili130 (Turkish) 1yrs 5m 26d 15278 48,703.81bn 3,187,839k
Tinol131 (Russian) 1yrs 3m 2d 17613 86,620.31bn 4,917,976k
Dwalin132 (Russian) 1yrs 3m 1d 18710 96,274.54bn 5,145,619k
Amara133 (Deutsch) 1yrs 3m 1d 16053 94,882.69bn 5,910,589k
Bifur134 (Deutsch) 1yrs 3m 1d 24342 161,334.1bn 6,627,808k
Legolas135 (Español) 1yrs 3m 2d 32961 144,515.72bn 4,384,446k
Oin136 (Español) 1yrs 3m 1d 22834 150,094.65bn 6,573,296k
Radagast143 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 28739 142,203.95bn 4,948,117k
Saruman144 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 28478 119,689.24bn 4,202,866k
Eladriel145 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 28797 142,317.07bn 4,942,079k
Bofur146 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 26171 172,777.53bn 6,601,869k
Garion147 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 22861 81,192.75bn 3,551,583k
Gloin148 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 54378 196,737.47bn 3,617,960k
Linor149 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 53365 290,621.05bn 5,445,911k
Tinol151 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 35347 199,797.14bn 5,652,449k
Dwalin152 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 39797 172,508.11bn 4,334,701k
Amara153 (Deutsch) 1yrs 3m 2d 116503 305,798.84bn 2,624,815k
Legolas155 (Russian) 1yrs 3m 2d 41512 67,575.03bn 1,627,843k
Oin156 (Russian) 1yrs 3m 1d 42871 122,503.33bn 2,857,487k
Thorin158 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 77025 295,805.95bn 3,840,388k
Elrond159 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 106804 160,953.86bn 1,507,002k
Bombur160 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 71821 144,015.13bn 2,005,195k
Gandalf161 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 62600 110,165.28bn 1,759,828k
Bilbo162 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 62785 113,073.32bn 1,800,960k
Eladriel165 (Turkish) 1yrs 3m 2d 113620 256,870.72bn 2,260,787k
Bofur166 (Turkish) 1yrs 5m 26d 113257 108,696.3bn 959,731k
Gloin168 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 83153 293,938.28bn 3,534,908k
Lindor169 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 60534 133,545.43bn 2,206,122k
Avallone171 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 42698 153,791.71bn 3,601,848k
Formenos173 (Turkish) 1yrs 3m 1d 13242 111,190.03bn 8,396,770k
Avathar175 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 39078 142,819.97bn 3,654,741k
Cuivienen176 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 39715 178,338.63bn 4,490,460k
Ilmarin177 (English) 1yrs 7m 12d 41632 146,736.48bn 3,524,608k
Tournament200 (English) 3yrs 9m 22d 18318 15.62bn 852k
Gandalf201 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 12995 261,775.66bn 20,144,337k
Bilbo202 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 9557 252,043.34bn 26,372,642k
Radagast203 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 8274 199,194.42bn 24,074,743k
Saruman204 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 9144 244,489.51bn 26,737,698k
Eladriel205 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 9642 411,865.15bn 42,715,738k
Bofur206 (Français) 1yrs 3m 2d 8046 344,093.63bn 42,765,800k
Garion207 (Italiano) 1yrs 3m 2d 7418 372,623.35bn 50,232,320k
Tinol211 (Deutsch) 1yrs 3m 2d 8669 408,058.62bn 47,071,014k
Dwalin212 (Español) 1yrs 3m 1d 7962 320,863.68bn 40,299,382k
Amara213 (Deutsch) 1yrs 3m 2d 8169 443,528.39bn 54,294,086k
Bifur214 (Español) 1yrs 3m 2d 8146 807,141.59bn 99,084,408k
Legolas215 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 9354 207,488.36bn 22,181,779k
Gandalf221 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 9651 209,094.37bn 21,665,565k
Bilbo222 (Français) 1yrs 3m 2d 11789 430,873.11bn 36,548,741k
Radagast223 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 8951 266,844.13bn 29,811,656k
Saruman224 (Deutsch) 1yrs 3m 2d 8637 353,577.39bn 40,937,523k
Eladriel225 (Español) 1yrs 3m 2d 9544 292,682.01bn 30,666,598k
Tinol231 (Deutsch) 1yrs 3m 2d 8584 370,058.22bn 43,110,231k
Dwalin232 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 9107 248,204.78bn 27,254,286k
Amara233 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 11833 303,268.51bn 25,629,046k
Legolas235 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 10641 349,797.57bn 32,872,622k
Oin236 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 9400 342,936.07bn 36,482,561k
Gandalf241 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 10471 323,385.14bn 30,883,883k
Bilbo242 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 10826 255,465.66bn 23,597,419k
Radagast243 (Deutsch) 1yrs 3m 2d 13073 440,830.57bn 33,720,689k
Saruman244 (Italiano) 1yrs 3m 2d 8562 352,726.46bn 41,196,736k
Eladriel245 (English) 1yrs 5m 25d 12632 469,401.87bn 37,159,742k
甘道夫9 (简体中文) 2yrs 8m 16d 4125 30,963.42bn 7,506,283k
Dwalin252 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 11909 282,722.36bn 23,740,227k
Amara253 (Français) 1yrs 3m 2d 11129 334,179.99bn 30,027,855k
Bifur254 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 12042 290,212.47bn 24,100,022k
Legolas255 (English) 1yrs 3m 1d 13434 240,176.94bn 17,878,289k
Oin256 (English) 1yrs 5m 26d 14059 403,984.29bn 28,734,924k
Bilbo262 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 11680 283,309.44bn 24,255,946k
Radagast263 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 13550 262,134.11bn 19,345,691k
Saruman264 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 21854 251,839.6bn 11,523,730k
Eladriel265 (English) 1yrs 3m 2d 24441 297,505.29bn 12,172,386k
267 1yrs 3m 1d 859 135,939.73bn 158,253,473k
268 1yrs 3m 2d 1031 213,700.12bn 207,274,614k
Tournament1 4yrs 7m 19d 46115 18.72bn 405k
Tournament2 4yrs 1m 18d 23183 46.82bn 2,019k
Tournament 3 3yrs 10m 13d 14813 292.67bn 19,757k
Tournament 4 3yrs 9m 25d 18318 15.62bn 852k

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