The Hobbit maps

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Id Time since update Players Total Might Average Might
Gandalf1 (English) 05h 69119 1,875.92bn 27,140k
Bilbo2 (English) 05h 44819 1,230.03bn 27,444k
Radagast3 (English) 05h 46323 1,120.82bn 24,195k
Saruman4 (English) 05h 45432 1,247.63bn 27,461k
Eladriel5 (English) 23h 47149 1,422.31bn 30,166k
Bofur6 (Français) 18h 59472 1,777.07bn 29,880k
Garion7 (Italiano) 21h 39996 1,684.81bn 42,124k
Gloin8 (Deutsch) 1d 02h 57707 2,015.88bn 34,933k
Lindor9 (Español) 1d 00h 51011 2,155.02bn 42,246k
Fili10 (Br. Portuguese) 02h 38586 1,195.45bn 30,981k
Avallone11 (English) 04h 48380 1,435.47bn 29,670k
Serech12 (English) 05h 45335 1,160.97bn 25,608k
Formenos13 (English) 1d 00h 48694 1,290.97bn 26,512k
Helcaracse14 (English) 23h 48775 1,397.77bn 28,657k
Avathar15 (English) 23h 48906 1,273.5bn 26,039k
Cuivienen16 (Français) 21h 53499 2,192.88bn 40,989k
Ilmarin17 (Italiano) 18h 36697 1,575.27bn 42,926k
Eldamar18 (Deutsch) 02h 56828 2,140.01bn 37,657k
Hildorien19 (Español) 1d 01h 46651 1,594.16bn 34,172k
Utumno20 (Br. Portuguese) 02h 36910 931.71bn 25,242k
Gandalf21 (Deutsch) 21h 53842 2,523.05bn 46,860k
Bilbo22 (Español) 22h 43884 1,376.26bn 31,361k
Radagast23 (English) 21h 47693 1,318.65bn 27,648k
Saruman24 (English) 04h 43608 1,528.4bn 35,048k
Eladriel25 (English) 19h 44823 1,240.33bn 27,671k
Bofur26 (Deutsch) 1d 03h 54235 1,943.9bn 35,842k
Garion27 (Español) 21h 87024 1,504.54bn 17,288k
Gloin28 (English) 02h 44903 1,387.73bn 30,905k
Lindor29 (English) 02h 45412 1,171.12bn 25,788k
Fili30 (English) 19h 48905 1,051.75bn 21,506k
Tinol31 (English) 1d 02h 46854 1,201.64bn 25,646k
Dwalin32 (English) 04h 43905 1,346.74bn 30,674k
Amara33 (Français) 19h 53912 1,739.15bn 32,259k
Bifur34 (Italiano) 19h 32119 1,659.8bn 51,676k
Legolas35 (Deutsch) 23h 55358 2,144.39bn 38,736k
Oin36 (Español) 17h 44650 1,921.52bn 43,035k
Vastriel37 (Br.Portuguese) 1d 02h 32684 1,416.53bn 43,340k
Thorin38 (English) 20h 43677 1,378.15bn 31,553k
Elrond39 (English) 1d 04h 46516 863.11bn 18,555k
Bombur40 (English) 19h 45925 1,289.07bn 28,069k
Gandalf41 (English) 20h 42645 1,153.22bn 27,042k
Bilbo42 (English) 04h 44967 1,237.26bn 27,514k
Radagast43 (Deutsch) 1d 00h 50986 1,612.15bn 31,619k
Saruman44 (Français) 16h 46558 1,508.04bn 32,390k
Eladriel45 (Deutsch) 17h 48813 2,048.68bn 41,970k
Bofur46 (English) 18h 48908 1,250.62bn 25,571k
Garion47 (English) 17h 44697 1,223.81bn 27,380k
Gloin48 (English) 22h 45560 1,213.87bn 26,643k
Lindor49 (English) 02h 41912 1,104.87bn 26,361k
Fili50 (English) 17h 42320 1,183.06bn 27,955k
Tinol51 (Russian) 19h 47570 1,552.25bn 32,630k
Dwalin52 (Deutsch) 22h 49482 2,045.82bn 41,344k
Amara53 (Français) 04h 46241 1,726.53bn 37,337k
Bifur54 (English) 20h 43966 1,209.31bn 27,505k
Legolas55 (English) 1d 02h 49218 1,842.92bn 37,444k
Oin56 (English) 15h 43486 1,189.42bn 27,351k
Vastriel57 (English) 19h 46024 1,279.39bn 27,798k
Thorin58 (English) 17h 43514 1,490.04bn 34,242k
Elrond59 (English) 22h 43960 1,426.62bn 32,452k
Bombur60 (English) 22h 41888 1,985.57bn 47,401k
Gandalf61 (English) 1d 01h 43188 1,696.47bn 39,281k
Bilbo62 (English) 19h 42231 1,447.8bn 34,282k
Radagast63 (English) 1d 00h 60703 1,627.25bn 26,806k
Saruman64 (English) 03h 42399 1,359.87bn 32,073k
Eladriel65 (Français) 22h 45282 1,793.81bn 39,614k
Bofur66 (Deutsch) 02h 53060 1,917.76bn 36,143k
Garion67 (Russian) 16h 46818 1,415.32bn 30,230k
Gloin68 (Italiano) 20h 26473 2,166.59bn 81,841k
Lindor69 (Español) 22h 34147 1,792bn 52,478k
Fili70 (Br.Portuguese) 04h 74845 1,039.6bn 13,890k
Tinol71 (English) 04h 43500 1,905.66bn 43,808k
Dwalin72 (English) 17h 42250 1,307.75bn 30,952k
Amara73 (English) 17h 42308 1,819.66bn 43,009k
Bifur74 (English) 1d 01h 42516 1,766.64bn 41,552k
간달프1 (한국어) 01h 37566 93.1bn 2,478k
사루만2 (한국어) 14h 32721 72.11bn 2,204k
빌보3 (한국어) 12h 20045 56.48bn 2,817k
소린4 (한국어) 14h 27731 82.3bn 2,968k
Bombur80 (English) 03h 49442 1,568.7bn 31,728k
Gandalf81 (English) 23h 56806 1,973.17bn 34,735k
Bilbo82 (English) 04h 53494 1,604.13bn 29,987k
Radagast83 (English) 1d 01h 43165 1,586.38bn 36,751k
Saruman84 (English) 20h 46964 1,847.22bn 39,332k
甘道夫1 (繁体中文) 17h 59180 1,245.16bn 21,040k
甘道夫2 (简体中文) 15h 41263 611.51bn 14,819k
Garion87 (Turkish) 16h 35896 2,696.16bn 75,110k
Gloin88 (English) 02h 39815 1,634.15bn 41,043k
萨鲁曼3 (简体中文) 15h 28923 972.84bn 33,635k
比尔博4 (简体中文) 14h 40892 781.72bn 19,116k
Tinol91 (English) 21h 38976 1,770.73bn 45,431k
Dwalin92 (Russian) 15h 44756 2,318.54bn 51,804k
Amara93 (Français) 17h 43116 1,667.18bn 38,667k
Bifur94 (Deutsch) 18h 46389 2,679.95bn 57,771k
Legolas95 (English) 20h 37600 1,510.17bn 40,164k
Oin96 (English) 04h 36286 1,650.23bn 45,478k
Vastriel97 (English) 16h 32366 1,401.98bn 43,316k
Thorin98 (English) 03h 38766 1,217.53bn 31,407k
Elrond99 (English) 20h 36970 1,482.28bn 40,094k
Bombur100 (English) 22h 39141 1,765.03bn 45,094k
Gandalf101 (Russian) 17h 37123 1,537.89bn 41,426k
Bilbo102 (Russian) 18h 30883 920.08bn 29,792k
Radagast103 (English) 05h 36184 1,322.99bn 36,563k
Saruman104 (English) 17h 30320 1,495.91bn 49,337k
Eladriel105 (English) 1d 03h 119347 1,675.63bn 14,040k
Bofur106 (English) 17h 119279 1,577.03bn 13,221k
Garion107 (English) 21h 120764 1,431.14bn 11,850k
Gloin108 (Turkish) 15h 27906 1,213.8bn 43,496k
Lindor109 (English) 22h 111882 1,256.48bn 11,230k
Fili110 (English) 15h 113136 1,393.95bn 12,321k
Tinol111 (English) 19h 88869 1,768.8bn 19,903k
Dwalin112 (English) 15h 113117 1,354.9bn 11,977k
Amara113 (English) 16h 113606 1,251.69bn 11,017k
Bifur114 (English) 21h 105324 1,585.05bn 15,049k
Legolas115 (English) 1d 00h 31887 1,389.5bn 43,575k
Oin116 (Russian) 16h 27149 902.44bn 33,240k
Vastriel117 (Russian) 15h 33842 480.5bn 14,198k
Thorin118 (Russian) 16h 81925 643.51bn 7,854k
Elrond119 (English) 22h 129286 1,214.02bn 9,390k
Bombur120 (Deutsch) 22h 101837 1,175.53bn 11,543k
Gandalf121 (Español) 15h 59872 885.68bn 14,792k
Bilbo122 (Français) 20h 64889 691.94bn 10,663k
Radagast123 (Italiano) 02h 70874 489.57bn 6,907k
Saruman124 (English) 21h 27899 1,042.2bn 37,356k
Eladriel125 (English) 01h 27578 1,424.02bn 51,636k
Bofur126 (English) 18h 25813 1,118.59bn 43,334k
Linor129 (Turkish) 02h 35524 421.45bn 11,864k
Fili130 (Turkish) 15h 29011 782.69bn 26,979k
Tinol131 (Russian) 15h 26159 409.02bn 15,636k
Dwalin132 (Russian) 05h 27365 491.03bn 17,943k
Amara133 (Deutsch) 20h 35926 559.49bn 15,573k
Legolas135 (Español) 14h 68235 558.37bn 8,183k
Radagast143 (English) 16h 76278 1,286.59bn 16,867k
Saruman144 (English) 16h 29120 1,114.72bn 38,280k
Eladriel145 (English) 02h 28700 1,483.8bn 51,700k
Bofur146 (English) 04h 25902 1,186.44bn 45,805k
Garion147 (English) 14h 22884 1,008.64bn 44,076k
Gloin148 (English) 20h 31180 1,803.46bn 57,840k
Linor149 (English) 16h 30475 1,739.2bn 57,069k
Tinol151 (English) 1d 01h 69448 810.27bn 11,667k
Dwalin152 (English) 03h 74673 816.64bn 10,936k
Amara153 (Deutsch) 17h 70847 905.18bn 12,776k
Bifur154 (Deutsch) 19h 115494 921.58bn 7,979k
Legolas155 (Russian) 12h 59397 566.57bn 9,538k
Oin156 (Russian) 13h 60908 529.62bn 8,695k
Vastriel157 (English) 01h 35455 1,597.75bn 45,064k
Thorin158 (English) 05h 36120 1,685.09bn 46,652k
Elrond159 (English) 01h 67066 1,399.35bn 20,865k
Bombur160 (English) 1d 01h 30025 1,501.9bn 50,021k
Gandalf161 (English) 18h 26559 447.42bn 16,846k
Saruman164 (Russian) 14h 94655 392.66bn 4,148k
Eladriel165 (Turkish) 14h 84121 653.21bn 7,765k
Garion167 (English) 04h 105301 120.18bn 1,141k
Gloin168 (English) 03h 41781 105.7bn 2,530k
Lindor169 (English) 1d 03h 38654 28.8bn 745k
Fili170 (English) 03h 71730 18.96bn 264k
Avallone171 (English) 23h 130946 5.5bn 42k
Helcaracse174 (English) 23h 128122 1.16bn 9k
Avathar175 (English) 00h 93638 0.2bn 2k
Tournament200 (English) 11h 23183 46.82bn 2,019k
10200 149d 12h 46115 18.72bn 405k

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