The Hobbit maps

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Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $1 per month to get access. Price List. Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $2 per month to get access. Price List. Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $4 per month to get access to all games.

Id Time since update Players Total Might Average Might
Gandalf1 (English) 17h 67232 1,327.01bn 19,737k
Bilbo2 (English) 17h 44060 801.98bn 18,202k
Radagast3 (English) 17h 45993 725.13bn 15,766k
Saruman4 (English) 11h 45129 878.27bn 19,461k
Eladriel5 (English) 12h 46920 862.76bn 18,388k
Bofur6 (Français) 17h 59337 874.11bn 14,731k
Garion7 (Italiano) 11h 39850 781.63bn 19,614k
Gloin8 (Deutsch) 16h 57521 1,116.87bn 19,416k
Lindor9 (Español) 17h 50838 1,065.26bn 20,954k
Fili10 (Br. Portuguese) 13h 38446 683.21bn 17,770k
Avallone11 (English) 16h 48155 936.71bn 19,452k
Serech12 (English) 16h 45089 767.45bn 17,020k
Formenos13 (English) 16h 48539 782.61bn 16,123k
Helcaracse14 (English) 09h 48746 893.28bn 18,325k
Avathar15 (English) 11h 48972 820.55bn 16,755k
Cuivienen16 (Français) 07h 53863 1,099.05bn 20,404k
Ilmarin17 (Italiano) 15h 36981 826.83bn 22,358k
Eldamar18 (Deutsch) 16h 56498 1,186.49bn 21,000k
Hildorien19 (Español) 07h 46594 1,097.25bn 23,549k
Utumno20 (Br. Portuguese) 15h 36813 708.34bn 19,241k
Gandalf21 (Deutsch) 12h 53690 1,328.88bn 24,751k
Bilbo22 (Español) 13h 43652 786.55bn 18,018k
Radagast23 (English) 11h 47641 929.32bn 19,506k
Saruman24 (English) 07h 43400 967.49bn 22,292k
Eladriel25 (English) 02h 44640 810.83bn 18,163k
Bofur26 (Deutsch) 13h 54095 1,101.27bn 20,358k
Garion27 (Español) 16h 86365 945.48bn 10,947k
Gloin28 (English) 14h 44630 959.58bn 21,500k
Lindor29 (English) 10h 45239 812.41bn 17,958k
Fili30 (English) 15h 48766 668.64bn 13,711k
Tinol31 (English) 17h 46586 732.63bn 15,726k
Dwalin32 (English) 05h 43673 894.27bn 20,476k
Amara33 (Français) 05h 53558 847.85bn 15,830k
Bifur34 (Italiano) 11h 31920 854.23bn 26,761k
Legolas35 (Deutsch) 05h 55291 1,168.48bn 21,133k
Oin36 (Español) 07h 44078 1,034.59bn 23,471k
Vastriel37 (Br.Portuguese) 14h 32666 802.62bn 24,570k
Thorin38 (English) 17h 43432 862.97bn 19,869k
Elrond39 (English) 13h 46179 558.94bn 12,103k
Bombur40 (English) 04h 45694 780.05bn 17,071k
Gandalf41 (English) 06h 42376 734.46bn 17,332k
Bilbo42 (English) 09h 44683 749.77bn 16,779k
Radagast43 (Deutsch) 17h 50971 919.17bn 18,033k
Saruman44 (Français) 02h 46271 717.35bn 15,503k
Eladriel45 (Deutsch) 04h 48653 1,141.77bn 23,467k
Bofur46 (English) 17h 48698 861.85bn 17,698k
Garion47 (English) 02h 44463 775.04bn 17,431k
Gloin48 (English) 12h 45340 731.74bn 16,139k
Lindor49 (English) 05h 41729 724.83bn 17,370k
Fili50 (English) 05h 42117 736.52bn 17,487k
Tinol51 (Russian) 04h 47628 805.78bn 16,918k
Dwalin52 (Deutsch) 07h 49313 1,030.09bn 20,888k
Amara53 (Français) 11h 46073 865.25bn 18,780k
Bifur54 (English) 14h 43666 721.27bn 16,518k
Legolas55 (English) 07h 49127 1,189.32bn 24,209k
Oin56 (English) 05h 43258 752.22bn 17,389k
Vastriel57 (English) 05h 45966 740.17bn 16,102k
Thorin58 (English) 05h 43540 927.28bn 21,297k
Elrond59 (English) 14h 43818 895.57bn 20,438k
Bombur60 (English) 10h 41680 1,236.4bn 29,664k
Gandalf61 (English) 14h 43086 1,030.58bn 23,919k
Bilbo62 (English) 07h 41901 1,024.27bn 24,445k
Radagast63 (English) 08h 44335 1,086.78bn 24,512k
Saruman64 (English) 09h 42149 896.22bn 21,263k
Eladriel65 (Français) 04h 45155 901.14bn 19,956k
Bofur66 (Deutsch) 15h 53032 961.89bn 18,137k
Garion67 (Russian) 04h 46899 690.77bn 14,728k
Gloin68 (Italiano) 15h 26377 1,016.14bn 38,524k
Lindor69 (Español) 17h 34098 925.69bn 27,148k
Fili70 (Br.Portuguese) 16h 50777 607.27bn 11,959k
Tinol71 (English) 14h 43210 1,123.66bn 26,004k
Dwalin72 (English) 12h 42010 888.41bn 21,147k
Amara73 (English) 09h 42093 1,098.63bn 26,100k
Bifur74 (English) 12h 42417 1,030.32bn 24,290k
간달프1 (한국어) 14h 37237 90.08bn 2,419k
사루만2 (한국어) 01h 32556 70.87bn 2,176k
빌보3 (한국어) 01h 19342 52.17bn 2,697k
소린4 (한국어) 01h 20755 73.17bn 3,525k
Bombur80 (English) 09h 49264 1,196.78bn 24,293k
Gandalf81 (English) 13h 56584 1,346.48bn 23,796k
Bilbo82 (English) 10h 53352 989.92bn 18,554k
Radagast83 (English) 07h 43087 1,057.79bn 24,550k
Saruman84 (English) 03h 46813 1,185.62bn 25,326k
甘道夫1 (繁体中文) 02h 50140 496.73bn 9,906k
甘道夫2 (简体中文) 03h 42933 251.09bn 5,848k
Garion87 (Turkish) 02h 35907 1,328.24bn 36,991k
Gloin88 (English) 10h 39736 1,056.18bn 26,580k
萨鲁曼3 (简体中文) 03h 30506 365.68bn 11,987k
比尔博4 (简体中文) 15h 42432 286.51bn 6,752k
Tinol91 (English) 08h 38872 1,136.42bn 29,235k
Dwalin92 (Russian) 02h 44859 1,105.54bn 24,644k
Amara93 (Français) 02h 46999 965.19bn 20,536k
Bifur94 (Deutsch) 01h 50497 1,434.94bn 28,416k
Legolas95 (English) 07h 37480 895.33bn 23,888k
Oin96 (English) 10h 36046 988.83bn 27,432k
Vastriel97 (English) 04h 32099 986.84bn 30,743k
Thorin98 (English) 10h 38351 769.61bn 20,067k
Elrond99 (English) 12h 36840 910.87bn 24,725k
Bombur100 (English) 12h 39011 1,165.84bn 29,885k
Gandalf101 (Russian) 01h 41377 760.64bn 18,383k
Bilbo102 (Russian) 04h 35127 347.18bn 9,883k
Radagast103 (English) 07h 36064 742.08bn 20,576k
Saruman104 (English) 01h 30247 774.22bn 25,596k
Eladriel105 (English) 05h 119057 1,058.98bn 8,894k
Bofur106 (English) 03h 118934 1,074.96bn 9,038k
Garion107 (English) 09h 120386 875.55bn 7,272k
Gloin108 (Turkish) 01h 26902 357.93bn 13,305k
Lindor109 (English) 14h 116550 768.56bn 6,594k
Fili110 (English) 03h 117708 786bn 6,677k
Tinol111 (English) 04h 93416 1,176.5bn 12,594k
Dwalin112 (English) 03h 117665 775.61bn 6,591k
Amara113 (English) 1d 00h 118192 725.4bn 6,137k
Bifur114 (English) 08h 109875 1,092.32bn 9,941k
Legolas115 (English) 08h 31711 896.14bn 28,259k
Oin116 (Russian) 02h 26905 339.27bn 12,610k
Vastriel117 (Russian) 05h 32394 123.72bn 3,819k
Thorin118 (Russian) 07h 75641 167.29bn 2,211k
Elrond119 (English) 03h 128875 668.55bn 5,187k
Bombur120 (Deutsch) 14h 111299 336.86bn 3,026k
Gandalf121 (Español) 06h 68324 262.54bn 3,842k
Bilbo122 (Français) 10h 126584 162.16bn 1,281k
Radagast123 (Italiano) 15h 64816 84.98bn 1,311k
Saruman124 (English) 04h 27899 629.76bn 22,573k
Eladriel125 (English) 06h 27639 761.54bn 27,553k
Bofur126 (English) 12h 25802 731.75bn 28,360k
Linor129 (Turkish) 07h 26923 86.51bn 3,213k
Tinol131 (Russian) 02h 24526 60.11bn 2,451k
Dwalin132 (Russian) 17h 25548 90.62bn 3,547k
Amara133 (Deutsch) 08h 29523 93.63bn 3,171k
Legolas135 (Español) 03h 107932 112.87bn 1,045k
Radagast143 (English) 03h 75502 699.12bn 9,259k
Saruman144 (English) 01h 27760 605.52bn 21,812k
Eladriel145 (English) 06h 28615 876.26bn 30,622k
Bofur146 (English) 09h 26105 597.51bn 22,888k
Garion147 (English) 02h 22921 504.42bn 22,006k
Gloin148 (English) 05h 31374 945.47bn 30,135k
Linor149 (English) 06h 30593 871.2bn 28,477k
Tinol151 (English) 09h 57229 201.61bn 3,522k
Dwalin152 (English) 02h 62200 211.76bn 3,404k
Amara153 (Deutsch) 05h 50660 151.02bn 2,981k
Bifur154 (Deutsch) 02h 95689 205.63bn 2,148k
Legolas155 (Russian) 1d 12h 58536 123.83bn 2,115k
Oin156 (Russian) 1d 02h 60253 115.76bn 1,921k
Vastriel157 (English) 17h 35160 661.6bn 18,817k
Thorin158 (English) 17h 31943 739.16bn 23,140k
Elrond159 (English) 16h 70199 580.45bn 8,268k
Bombur160 (English) 11h 29714 537.9bn 18,102k
Gandalf161 (English) 06h 16323 140bn 8,577k
Saruman164 (Russian) 02h 82229 70.98bn 863k
Eladriel165 (Turkish) 01h 66434 71.11bn 1,070k
Garion167 (English) 16h 103105 65.48bn 635k
Gloin168 (English) 15h 43715 53.58bn 1,225k
Lindor169 (English) 17h 32147 4.84bn 150k
Fili170 (English) 17h 126428 2.63bn 20k
Avallone171 (English) 17h 89932 0.13bn 1k
Tournament200 (English) 01h 23183 46.82bn 2,019k
10200 107d 01h 46115 18.72bn 405k

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